Atkins Road, Balham

Well, last Saturday incorporated another of my favourite parts of the job again. Me and my sidekick, the photographer guy, now refer to them as 'kitchen trips' and there we were, on another one, at 9.30am knocking on the door of a Balham house. It is immensely satisfying seeing the end product of months of hard graft (as if I had anything to do with it!) and one might be forgiven for thinking that I had installed it myself or indeed designed and put up with months of building work as I swanned around the kitchen stroking counters and pressing cupboards, just to hear the resounding click.... These guys had decided on Alnostar Dur Lava Grey, the cupboards and counter tops exuding a smokey calmness, offset by the more beigey grey of the floor tiles Pure Fossena. The effect was mesmerising. If I hadn't had to run off and watch a bunch of six year olds play 'football', I may well of curled up on the scandi L-shaped sofa and drifted off into contented sleep...



The downstairs cloakroom included my favourite tiles the clay collection, that have been so popular with our discerning customers. These were the white/black combo and the Moorish influence looked particularly striking on both walls and floor.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-2.jpgUpstairs the bathroom bore a striking combination of Woodstone Tobacco - dark brown wood-effect square tiles on floor and bathside with a a more honey-coloured tone in the same design Cementi - on the walls. The bathroom had a floor to ceiling rectangular window and (not one to be normally overly impressed by technical gadgetry in the way the husband is!) even I was impressed by the 007 'magic window'. In its natural state it framed a leafy, green garden, the mature trees contrasting pleasingly with the beige tones but one click of a switch and it transformed into an opaque screen, blocking out the outside to afford some privacy within. Magic!

The shower room with its conker-brown porcelain tiles the marble arch corten was reminiscent of an autumn day. Bring it on I say and we can stop pretending the British Summer is going to finally arrive!


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